Reliability and Security

The Broadway 3D currently provides the highest security level of access control. Access is granted only if there is a match between the person’s face and his stored 3D image in the database. Recording of the 3D images allows for statistical data gathering and records attempts to get unauthorized access. The Broadway 3 D will not be fooled by a user in make up or a stolen badge or keycard. This device eradicates the “human factor” mistakes, for instance, when a security guard’s attention diminishes due to an influx of people at the ACS.

A time saver

The Broadway Check Point capacity reaches up to 60 people per minute even with large databases (>10,000 enrollees). This increases the throughput capacity of any checkpoint or gate, and makes keycards and badges obsolete all the while retaining a high level of security

Protection against loss or theft of a badge

In cases where keycards or badges are used, the Broadway Check Point protects against an unsanctioned use of stolen, lost or transferred cards. When granting access, the device not only checks the authenticity of the card itself, but also the identity of the person using the card.

Work hours audit

The Broadway Check Point allows you to automate and enhance employee attendance record keeping systems and eliminates the danger of falsification.

Simple Integration

The Broadway Check Point quickly and easily integrates into an existing access control system (ACS). There is no need to change the current ACS or get rid of badges/key cards. Each user can choose a scenario that works best for his or her company.

Safeguarding personal information

Most biometric methods require the storage of personal information, which people usually do not share with others in their daily lives (fingerprints, retina and iris scans, etc). This leads to a viable risk of identity theft where personal data is used against the person (biometric falsification to obtain unauthorized access or fabricate evidence in a court of law, access to personal medical data, etc).

Unlike other biometrics, 3D face identification doesn’t carry the risk of private data being used against the person since the geometric dimensions of a face is “public information”. That information is used in most identification methods in the form of a photograph. Moreover, the use of a dynamic 3D image of the face eliminates the risk of falsification almost entirely.

Basic functionality of the Broadway 3D

Works with Wiegand interface card readers
Works with Wiegand interface access monitoring and control systems
Use of control device
Can be monitored and controlled via Ethernet
Can be integrated into existing ACS via Artec SDK