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ANPR Eyes is an industry-exclusive mobile App delivering the benefits of ANPR Eyes Network to your mobile device.
ANPR Eyes is available to participating users, as set by an Agency Manager. With the App, participants are now able to be alerted to offenders exploiting Forecourts for free fuel, License plates will be scanned as vehicles enters the fuel court and matched against agency hot-lists, registered offenders will trigger a visual and audible alert to the fuel court operator to deny fuelling, also registered drivers with no means of payment will be registered and will be denied refuelling at any participating station until the debt is settled (this can easily be done online).

We understand that no means of payment for fuel could happen to anyone, we are here to make everyone's life easier with as little inconvenience as possible.

Various type of queries can be obtained by participants like query historical data and statistical data.

Facial recognition Add on is in development stage and will be added to this app, giving participant users the ability to be alerted to ASB registered persons of interest also offender will be identified by the facial recognition giving the participants total safe guard for running their business and protecting their interest.

LAW enforcement agencies will have total access to the agencies core system to help improve officer safety by enhancing situational awareness, help them in their investigation and insuring the safety of our community.

ANPR Eyes – Forecourt Module, is built utilising the many benifits of market leading MAV Systems camera's range.


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Please Contact Us if you would like further queries or you would like to join the network! 



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