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Antiram bollard AUIA 330 K8 Class




Anti-ram and parking bollards are referred to vertical posts, pumped up and down by hydraulic unit to add protection to facility and prevent damage of any of the sensitive premises or plots. This product is ideal for ram-raid deterrence and preventing vehicles from penetrating beyond the bollard.
It is an alternative for rising arm barriers whilst many bollards provide aesthetic benefits, typically metal bollards are used to protect pedestrians and buildings from vehicles; metal bollards provide one of the simplest means of controlling access and providing perimeter defense. They can be anchored in the ground individually, or arranged in a line to close a road for vehicles as part of a larger security system. Stationary metal bollards provide a constant barrier while retractable or removable bollards permit authorized entry.
As bollards can differ in types – architectural (decorative), security (impact resistant), or landscaping bollards (perimeter highlights) they will not affect the general impression of a historical place or any other architectural ensemble or a commercial site or any cultural heritage objects.

Additional info:
• Operation of two or more Bollards in different modes (parallel, serial, cascade);
• Bollard with weather-resistant coating;
• Control of the Bollard can be: with remote control, from the access control system with external rack with remote push-button control.


Additional options:
1. Light indication.
2. Audible alarm.
3. Hermetic sealing for tough conditions.
4. Heating.



Anti-ram bollard


Parking bollard




  Application Parking Anti-Ram
  Rising Height 600 mm and 800 mm
  Diameter of rising part   215 mm   270 mm
  Width of underground box (mm)   350×350   450×450
  Depth of underlay box   800 and 1000   1200 and 1600
  Width of passage to block unlimited
  Lifting (lowering) time less than 6 sec
  Executive unit hydraulic
  Power 220 volts; 4,5 A
  Power Consumption in the starting   mode 1000 W
  Power Consumption   lifting/lowering mode less than 400 watts
  Installation Road surface submerge
  Temperature conditions from -35˚C to +40˚C
  Weight   340 kg   800 kg


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