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The Broadway 3D BT is intended for 3D facial recognition. It is always installed at point of access, primarely on turnstiles.It works in three modes (registration, verification, identification). The Broadway 3D BT captures 3D facial biometric of users and interacts with third parties Access Control Systems components via embedded B3D controller. It also provides users with visual feedback on recognition process conditions with the LED indication.

The Broadway 3D BT is mounted on the top of the turnstile.


  Broadway 3D BT
Specification Base model
2D high resolution images +
3D high resolution images +
Operating distance 800-1600 mm
Vision vertical angle 44°
Vision horizontal angle 34°
Recognition time 1 sec
Registration time 2 sec
Database in verification mode Unlimited
Light Flash (no light bulb)
Ethernet +
Wiegand +
Supply voltage 100-240v 50/60 Hz
Power intake 60W
Operating temperature range +10° C to +35° C
Humidity range 20% to 80%
Installation Installation on the turnstile
Dimensions, mm 691mm х 129mm х 94mm
Weight 6 kg


Included in delivery:

  1. Broadway 3D Camera
  2. Broadway 3D BT Pole
  3. Broadway 3D Computing Unit
  4. Embedded Software (pre-installed on the Computing Unit) + SDK
  5. User Manual


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