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Combined IR and Corona imaging camera



The CoroCAM 8 is a combined thermal IR, solar blind corona and video camera. It features a high spec Sony visible camera, a radiometric FLIR thermal IR camera and a solar blind UV camera. The CoroCAM 8 is intended for use by professional HV inspectors. The combination of these 3 cameras makes it possible to do both thermal IR and UV inspections at the same time, saving time and effort. Co-location of electrical discharges and hot spots give the inspector more insight into the cause of a fault. The CoroCAM 8 can be used to inspect HV infrastructure operating at 3.3kV and above.


Download the CoroCAM 8 brochure HERE



  • A high sensitivity UV detector, which can detect UVc light at 2.05×10-18 W/ cm2, this allows for the detection of the smallest corona discharges
  • A 9Hz FLIR Radiometric IR camera module with a sensitivity of NEdT
  • Syncronised Smooth Zoom of all 3 camera channels. IR & UV channels are zoomed digitally, visible is zoomed optically
  • Manual or Auto focus for Visible and IR channels, UV channel has manual focus or can be synchronized with either Visible or IR channel
  • Onboard still image and video recording in high quality formats
  • A 5.7” viewable area, robustly mounted, variable angle, colour LED backlit LCD display with 640×480 pixels resolution optimised for use in full daylight makes for easy inspection
  • Manual or Auto brightness control for LCD display
  • A fixed angle focusable viewfinder with 800×600 pixel resolution
  • Fast set up & boot up avoids the need for power saving modes
  • The On Screen Display (OSD) shows all the relevant information
  • Rotational handle (right hand only) with primary interface keys
  • Easy operation of the camera with one hand via a multifunction keypad
  • Access specific functions with Quick keys on the left side of the camera
  • Manual or Auto Exposure of Visible, UV (Gain) and IR (Level) cameras
  • Integrated GPS with internal and complimentary external booster antenna
  • Meta data recording of camera settings and measurement plus environmental variables manually entered – distance, air temperature, air pressure, ambient humidity and wind speed
  • Freely resizable and positionable UV Intensity sampling box
  • UV overlay colors has 6 pre-sets or 255 selectable hue levels
  • UV overlay translucency control
  • UV threshold and Integration control
  • 15 IR color palettes with contrasting Isotherms
  • Auto or Manual IR Span
  • Laser pointer and integrated LED Flashlight
  • Camera software update via download to SD card
  • Ethernet and USB port for media download or remote control
  • A 15 Month warranty



Unique Features


Combined UV/VIS & IR imaging | Radiometric IR | Fast set up | One handed operation | High resolution video recording | Translucent UV overlay | Onboard GPS with booster antenna port | Onboard microphone and speaker | Focusable viewfinder | I/O connectors (Ethernet, USB) | Quick function keys on left | Simple & powerful user interface








Zoom Visible Camera Zoom: 28x optical, 12x digital | UV Camera Zoom: 1x optical, 8x digital IR | Camera Optical Zoom: 1x optical, 8x digital
Fields of View @ 0.5x Zoom: 16° | @ 1x Zoom: 8° | @ 2x Zoom: 4° | @ 4x Zoom: 2° | UV & IR Channel Zoom: Digital to match visible FOV – up to 4x zoom | FOV with UV Overlay: All | Focus: Automatic or manual on visible & IR channels, UV slaved to visible/IR or independent manually | Minimum Focus Distance: UV 0.7 m, VIS 1.5 m, IR 2.3m
Sensitivity (Typical) Ultraviolet: 2.05-18 x 10 Watt/cm2 | Infrared (NEdT): Visible: 0.4 lx (F1.35, 50 % IRE, ICR off), normal 0.01 lx (F1.35, 50 % IRE, ICR on), auto low light
Resolution Ultraviolet: 640 x 480 pixels | Infrared: 640 x 512 pixels | Visible: 768 x 576 pixels
Image Acquisition Ultraviolet: Averaging & Integration | Infrared: Auto flat field correction (0.5s) Auto level and span | Visible: Auto low light, manual back light compensation
Display Specifications Viewfinder: Ventilated rubber eye cup, 800 x 600 pixels LED | LCD: 5.7” Backlit LCD 450 cd/cm2, 640 x 480 pixels | Channel Fusion: Picture in Picture, Threshold Mask, Variable Translucency | Fusion Accuracy: Better than 1 milliradian | IR & UV palettes: Standard IR + UV Rainbow
Interface Ergonomic Grip: Multifunction buttons | Menu: Icon Based Menu System | Short Cut Buttons: Activate specific functions | Remote Control: Via USB / Ethernet
Camera I/O USB: Auto connect USB 2.0 | Ethernet: Video streaming & remote control | Composite Video: PAL & NTSC formats | Image Format: Overlaid channels saved as JPEG | Separately saved Visible channel: JPEG | UV channel: JPEG | IR channel: Radiometric JPEG | Meta-data contains: Camera settings, GPS location, range to object | Storage Media: SD Card (up to 64GB)
Firmware Features Image Series Numbering: Allows for auto sorting of images at download to PC for reporting | Gallery & Playback: Review recorded media | Field Upgradable: Download latest firmware | Quick Startup: Power on to record capable in 60 s
Power Battery: Sony Li-ion | Operating Time: 90 min operation | Recharge time: 250 min
Physical Specifications Weight: 2.5 Kg | Dimensions: 215 mm L x 200 mm W x 155 mm H | Operating Temp: -15 °C to 55 °C | Storage Temp: -20 °C to 60 °C
Protection Storage / Transport Case: Pelican style plastic hard case | Camera Body: Tested to IP 54 | Physical Protection: Impact absorbing covers | Safety Standard: CE,IEC1010-1


Standard System


  • CoroCAM 8 daylight UV & IR imager
  • Li-ION battery (x2), Charger
  • 8 GB SD card
  • AC mains adapter
  • Operating manual
  • Protective hard carry case
  • Basic analysis & reporting software

Optional Accessories


  • Accessory pack I – Advanced inspection guide, featuring the EPRI field guide
  • Accessory pack II – Safety vest with pouches for spare batteries



Features & Specifications are subject to change without notice.











Additional Information

Weight 10 kg


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