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Large site security systems based on the hardware and software system “Key-2”.

To ensure security of large military, industrial and administrative sites it is necessary to implement a package of actions due to their activity features, availability of strictly-controlled equipment and/or materials. Such package of actions normally includes the area perimeter external fence, personnel and visitor access control points (ACP), administrative procedure regulating personnel and visitor movement through ACP and inside the site.
In the modern context the tasks of perimeter, indoor rooms security and control over pedestrian movement are normally completed with application of appropriate equipment:
    – perimeter and indoor rooms security alarm system;
    – site and indoor room personnel and visitor access control system through ACP;
    – CCTV system along perimeter, on site and inside some rooms.

The hardware and software system “Key-2” enables to integrate access control facilities, security alarm facilities and CCTV facilities into uniform system and obtain automated interrelated security equipment system.
Integration of the above facilities into uniform security system enables to minimize the number of on-duty operational personnel and provides ultimate objectivity of situation evaluation and efficiency of actions to be taken.
Application of Internet Protocols TCP/IP in package enables to build a security system of any size without technical restrictions by quantity and area layout of its components subject to provision with communication channels including via Internet.
Information on all events taken place in the automated system, including all actions on automated workstations (AWS) of servicing and operational personnel is saved in database, is displayed textually and graphically in operational personnel workstations and is accessible to further analysis.

Automated security (physical protection) equipment systems are created based on the hardware and software system “Key-2”and they are properly operated on a number of industrial, administrative and commercial sites including:
    – nuclear power facilities;
    – ministries and departments;
    – pipelines;
    – health resort centers.

The software system “Key-2” includes the following software modules:

Administrator – provides adding in the system and assignment to the personnel, servicing security system, the rights to activate the below software modules from automated workstations and the rights to use them;
Configurator – provides creation in database a hardware configuration image reflecting actual hardware configuration of access control system, security and other alarm systems, CCTV and their interconnection;
Card Index File – provides entry in database and support of security system users (personnel and other persons who are required regular access to controlled area to perform functional duties);
Monitoring and Control – provides graphical and textual display of current situation in controlled area including graphic and text information on security system equipment status. It also enables to acquire video images from CCTV cameras both by operator request and automatically upon occurrence of various events. This module is a basic tool for on-duty operational personnel enabling to evaluate real on-scene situation and take appropriate steps to prevent potential adverse effects.
Reports – enables to create templates for various reports and reports themselves according to templates created earlier. Templates are a set and location of criteria according to which reports are generated.
Master Controller – provides communication of the software system with the module equipment S’TERN on which the access control and alarm system hardware of different purpose is built.
Video Master – provides communication of the software system with CCTV equipment.

All above listed software modules are client applications of “ORACLE” data base.


     key-2_2   key-2_1



Special features
of the «Key-2» software

The hardware and software system “Key-2” provides a number of special features:
   – routing i.e. tracking of correct sequence of movement through access control points within the whole site;
   – rapid change of access control point operating modes;
   – visitor escorting by a person from appointed escort group;
   – personalized visitor escorting by a person appointed by escort;
   – temporary rapid change of access rights with their automatic return to basic rights after expiration of the fixed time;
   – access mode with validation by operator;
   – access mode with validation by room “host” with the use of video intercom;
   – display of attendance list for the specified area or particular room;
   – search of appropriate person location;
   – tracking of the relevant list person movement;
   – locking of security violator in the place convenient for detention;
   – display of the automated system current configuration "hardware tree” and status of each interrogated element of the system


 Config-key-2_2         Config-key-2_1


Software modules Configurator



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