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Sleeping policeman speed-bump-2013

Speed bump with rising kerb is designed to create a temporary speed limited zone. The design of this model can be used as a regular sleeping policeman to reduce speed in stand-by mode and as a blocking device for complete blocking the driveway span in open position.


Key Benefits
• The device is installed on the roadbed and no foundation is needed.
• Quick installation.
• One device performs two functions: speed reducing and complete blocking.

Delivery set
• Sleeping policeman – 1 pc.
• Entrance ramp – 2 pcs.
• Hydraulic station – 1 pc.
• Set of high pressure hoses – 1 pc.
• The control unit – 1 pc.

Additional options
• Traffic lights;
• Light and sound indication;
• Heating;
• Induction loop;
• Remote radio control.

  Executive unit   hydraulic
  Dimensions in stand-by position (L x W x H)   2, 3 or 5 m x 2100 mm x 92 mm
  Weight   700 kg (for 2 meters version)
  Rising kerb height   600 mm
  Lifting (lowering) time   less than 4 seconds
  Width of blocked driveway   unlimited (standart – 2, 3 or 5 meters)
  The maximum load per axe   up to 10 tons
  Power consumption   2 phase, 220V, 8A
  Temperature conditions   -35˚ C to +40˚ C


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