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Common security system software
S’TERN LCA 5100/5500


The software «LCA 5100»/«LCA 5500» features appropriate functionality for office Access Control System (ACS) of small-scale (more than one passways) and medium-scale (several tens of passways) to be used not so much for security as to ensure personnel and visitor movement tracking as well as their registration. The software «LCA 5100»/«LCA 5500» coact with S’TERN module equipment.
The software system «LCA 5100»/«LCA 5500» provides creation and booting of ACS configuration, creation and editing of user (cardholders) list, surveillance over system current events with possibility of manual operational control as well as generation of various reports. Any specialized data bases and site floor graphic layout are not used by this software. All user identification and automatic control decisions are made by the local controllers.

The software «LCA 5100»/«LCA 5500» consists of the master program «LCA 5100» or «LCA 5500», the remote monitoring program «LCA-RM» and the report generation program «LCA-RG». The master programs «LCA 5100» and «LCA 5500» are different the following «LCA 5500» is able to interact simultaneously with many local controllers networked by means of interface RS-485 but «LCA 5100» can be connected only to one local controller. In these programs the administrator user is able to restrict the operator user rights regarding alteration of the system configuration. Possibility of surveillance over ACS current events and access manual operational control is reserved by operator regardless of the specified rights.
For surveillance of passways requiring special attention (for example, building access) in the software system «LCA 5100»/«LCA 5500», there is a remote monitoring program module «LCA-RM» displaying photos of cardholders whose access is granted or denied. Furthermore, the remote monitoring program module enables to perform manual operational control over the passways to be surveilled.
The software system «LCA 5100»/«LCA 5500» includes the module «LCA-RG» to form various reports including time attendance reports. This module enables to form reports of events occurred in security system, according to selected criterion and for selected period. The report generation criteria are such attributes as passways or passway groups, particular access cardholders or the whole departments, single event or group of events. Time attendance report can be generated separately.


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